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Prism Project is gearing up for its next performance! We would love to have your child attend this season. Contact our office  504-943-0343

for more information.


The Prism Project of Greater NOLA: Roux-Roux Productions (TPP of GNO) is an inclusive performing arts program for children with and without special needs in the Greater New Orleans region. We teach dance, music and theater each Saturday to the participants, ages 6 - 14, and construct an original performance for the end of the season. TPP of GNO is one of the first local and inclusive programs focusing on recreation; our goal is to close the gap in recreational opportunities for children with disabilities.


TPP of GNO uses the performing arts as a medium to explore and develop appropriate social skills, self-confidence, and lasting relationships for our participants. The project has been adapted from the currently successful Ball State Prism Project in Muncie, Indiana, and is always in direct contact with the program.


TPP of GNO helps individuals engage and develop creatively as well as foster inclusion amongst those with and without disabilities through the performing arts. It is through this method that the participants will gain self-confidence, experiences, performing arts skills and social skills.


The Prism Project of Greater NOLA: Roux-Roux Productions


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